Monday, September 6, 2010

the sleaze..

i'm pulling off your blouse
start tongue kissin you and then I cough in your mouth
walk in your house
and slaughtered the mound of your daughter or spouse
have them snorting an ounce
til they are walking on the floor on all fours like a hounds
walk in the fuckin ladies room and penetrate her womb
while the hookers sprays her perfume, demonstrate a broom
you hoes will choke, when you float my boat
my cum will coat your throat like the milk from a goat
put my notorious dick in-between your glorious tits
wanna know a secret I'm suckin victoria's clit
my tongue got you on some state of euphoria shit
fuck you with my warriors fist, is who a bitch?
and screamin like a horror flick
when i put my dick where the bitch's manure sits
i slide through like shit
and all you fuckin wenches that love to french kiss
you love the drenching stench of men's piss
you find it adventurous
takin like ten dicks right in your appendix
what bout my jimi hendrix?
it's my press kit, dead sick

fuckin a chick with an asbestos covered breadstick

necro - hoe blow


  1. made me lol good job man :) following :D

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  4. I just learned something new today... thanks!

  5. I never understood poems. Now I really don't.

  6. These sound like lyrics to a misfits song.
    Keep up the cool posts bro

    much love

  7. Haha what the hell is that song? :D Where did you find that?