Sunday, September 5, 2010

if you dont understand it, i cant explain it

poor me, i dig myself holes
somebody marry me, i'm getting old
somebody remind me why i continue to press on
i need a flamingo to put on my front lawn
i need a front lawn
i need to stop feeling sorry for myself
i need to stop repeating myself
everything is fading slowly
no longer selling out, i'm buying in
redefining my grin
making new medicine and now i'm sick of it all
but i can't get enough
hating females less
accepting the fact i'm slowly dying
and can't make any songs that glitter
or be happy in roller skating rinks
so fuck a revolution
it's all about starcraft, palm-pilots
and meaning what you say

sole - i don't rap in bumper stickers
(he's witty with 40-liners)


  1. leave a dime next time!! here is one for you!!

  2. i need a dime. thats top of the line. cute face, thin waist and a BIG behind.

  3. Haha nice, just showing support. Check out my blog sometime