Wednesday, September 8, 2010


i've been up til 3
puffin trees, sippin on a mug or three of bubbly
when suddenly the lights went on in #3
right across and up the street its mrs. popular
i heard that she got double d's, i'll peep them with binoculars
even if the cops come in full force with entourage
they'll never cum like i will when she pulls off her monstrous bra
you cant stop a freak who wants to flog on his log with a soothing cock massage
it hurts me and deeply disturbs me how perky the titties hidden inside of her shirt seem
a perverts dream come true in the flesh
who had a chest like a cartoonist drew in the breasts
so as you would expect i had to get closer
that's louis's  rep to chase asses bent over
i wrapped the trench coat up, crossed the street
and made my climb up the ladder laced with vines to toss my meat
but when i peeped in the window
i never seen a chica as obese as the bimbo
oh lord how i wish that she had been in clothes
so i ain't have to see all of them creases and skin folds
shit, i just about tossed my grits
when the portly chick turned and screamed i lost my grip
and with my luck, of course the pigs happened to drive up
and forced my arms behind my back wrapped up in tight cuffs

the odd couple - tommy boy
(louis logic's verse)


  1. Louis logic is sick. The first song I heard by him was The Ugly Truth, and I was hooked since. Keep up the good verses man.

    Followed, supported, clicking
    much love

  2. yeah boy! keep them lyrics comin!

  3. i'm sensing there is a deep meaning?

  4. oscar from let the right one in?

  5. Kewl story, bro!

    happy 9/11!