Sunday, September 12, 2010


for the second night in a row im lighting the dro
drinking grey goose with grape juice, igniting a stog
watching dyke centerfolds make out on pay-per-view
cuz i traded luda's girls gone wild latest too
i started to pace the room just to change the mood
and decided to take a cruise to a place i knew
the spot of this pot chick i got hot with
just a day or two ago when i sold her some thai stick
she showed this fly pic of this girl shes getting with
and said her bed is wet every night from them sexing it
i played like i ain't sweating it, and asked to use the bathroom
then unlocked the window, now my return is past due..

light from the half moon reflecting in the rear view
as i steer through a curve shifting down to gear 2
im near her spot, parking over a block
cuz i don't wanna get locked if i blow up my spot
im smoking some pot; i brought the chronic and my panasonic
i cant afford the digital i had to analog it
i had to vomit before i climbed the tree
to the open window, now finally i could see
my plan is working i see there's candles burning
behind plastic curtains and two bare clams for certain
my hand is jerking both chicks got dope tits looking through the lens now
im focused
oh shit the other chick pulled out a rubber dick started sucking it
now shorty i know getting fucked with it, im loving it
then suddenly i saw my arm in front of me
and almost knock a cup of tea from underneath
but relief back to the ladies i peep
until i hear the i85 bleep.

yo jay, where you at? logic got locked up.

damn havoc why you always blowing my spot up
im spying on two hot sluts getting they boxed munched
don't worry about logic, he probably just got drunk
now i hear those chicks screaming for police as i flee
started climbing out the window to leap to the tree
i caught onto a branch but it kinda cracked
i fell, hurt my spine and back and heard
put your hands behind your back

the odd couple - tommy boy
(jay love's verse)